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 Over the years, we have remained steadfast in our mission, preaching that Jesus Christ is Lord! Our Vision has remained the same ; Bringing Deliverance to the Captives, Creating awareness for the second coming of Christ and preparing the saints for the Rapture. We are big enough to accommodate you and small enough to reach you as an individual. Join us! We are one big and happy family 

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Rev Dr Obiora Ezekiel

Rev Dr Obiora Ezekiel



Reverend Dr. Obiora Ezekiel (General Overseer) He is a dynamic man full of integrity, transparency and discipline, who truly wants to please God and would not touch anything that is not validated by scriptures. He is the General Overseer and Head Pastor of Christian Pentecostal Mission International. He operates under the 5-fold ministry gifts as an Apostle, a Prophet, an Evangelist, a Pastor and a teacher. His childhood life was so outstanding and unique compared to his mates.

As a child, his mother always told him of how he would mount a small kitchen stool with a Bible in his hand and would preach the gospel. As a young lad in the village, he knew what he wanted and always went for it. As a result of God’s call upon his life, he came to Lagos in 1954. His ministry became known for deliverance that he is often called Demon Bulldozer. Having entered into the 3rd phase of his ministry, many gospel ministers within and outside Nigeria are subject to his spiritual authority and regard him as the Apostle of our time.

As a Distinguished Christian Leader, He is a Founding Father of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN). He is a well-known Evangelist that that has transverse most nooks and crannies of Nigeria holding “Powerless power crusades” in integrity with records of miracles, signs, wonders and tangible miracles. He is also a well-sought-after conference speaker internationally. The uniqueness of his ministry makes him outstanding. Demons bow as he ministers. He is the author of many books including GOD’S BATTLE AXE, PURITY OF PRIESTHOOD, IN THE HEART OF THE FATHER among many others. He is a Ph.D. holder in Theology, and a 4-star General in Chaplaincy. He is married to Dr. Mercy Ezekiel, the National/International coordinator of Christian Pentecostal Mission, a prayer machine; and they are blessed with children and a grandchild.

Dr. O. Ezekiel is a man among men of God. His distinct voice crying out in the wilderness like John the Baptist offers an adulterated message of salvation, of heaven and of hell. Dr. O. Ezekiel is a man of immense desire to see God’s children prosper-spirit, soul and body. He frequently tells his audience that he would drag them to heaven. He is often referred to as the happiest pastor in West Africa. An apostle and a 5-star general in the Kingdom of God. He is true to his calling as a Pastor; he has raised thousands of souls who have become pastors in their own rights. He is called Demon Bulldozer. God’s Battle Axe. A man after God’s own heart.

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Our General Overseer


Gods Battle Axe

Dont kill that baby


Rev Dr O Ezekiel

Our Daddy With Other leaders


Rev Dr O Ezekiel And Rev Dr Mercy Ezekiel


General Overseer, National/International Coordinator

Rev Dr Mercy O Ezekiel

Rev Dr Mercy Ezekiel



Rev. Dr. Mercy Ezekiel (THE NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL COORDINATOR). She is a dynamic and multi-talented preacher, an Evangelist by calling. She is the co- pastor and the National / International Co-coordinator of Christian Pentecostal Mission International. She is a woman of passion, endowed with spiritual gifts, and filled with the anointing of God. She has a proven and vibrant ministry evidenced by trails of miracles and great deliverance. She is the President of Meez Outreach which comprises Faith Clinic, Business Commission, Prenatal Clinic and Mercy Line. In honor of her contribution to the spreading of the gospel to our world, she had been a recipient of many honors. She is the immediate past Deputy President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) among other awards too numerous to list.

Dr. Mercy Ezekiel is a writer and author of many books such as THE HEART OF A CHAMPION, POWER IN THE SPOKEN WORD and many more. She is also a talented musician with 8 gospel records including THE NAME OF JESUS album. She studied music at the University of Lagos, and has to her credit several professional certificates and membership in the U.S and in Nigeria. She is a 3 star Chaplain General. She also obtained from Faith Bible College & Seminary, a Higher diploma; B.A & M.A in Theology, where she came out with 1st Class honours.Her admirers call her Mummy and Prayer Machine. She is the wife of Rev. Dr. Obiora Ezekiel and a Mother of four children and a grandmother also.

Dr. M. Ezekiel is an Evangelist and a Pastor by calling. She holds a Phd in Theology and in Christian Education (E.D.D). She is the vice president of Pentecostal International Seminary. (P.I.B.S) Her unique ministry gifts and dominion breaking prayers are accompanied with notable signs and miracles. She is a woman with profound passion for humanity. Her call into the deliverance ministry has set many captives free to the glory of God. She is the National / International Coordinator of Christian Pentecostal Mission int’l (C.P.M). She is the current Deputy President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (P.F.N) and an executive member of Christian Association of Nigeria. (C.A.N). She is also the President of MEEZ OUTREACH that has brought joy and hope to thousands of homes around the world.

Dr Frank Benjamin



Dr. Frank. C. Benjamin is a preacher of the word, called by God at the age of 13. God has been using him for decades to bring hope to a dyeing generation. Preaching the word with signs and wonders following.

For academic qualification, he read creative arts Music major from The University of Lagos, (B.Th) Lighthouse Christian College. Arkansas USA, (Dip.Th). C. B. I., Brooklyn New York, (Dip.Th), P.I.B.S. (D.D.) New Zeal Bible College. English for professionals in the University of Lagos.

He believes in the practical demonstration of the power of God. Presently the Pastor in charge of Christian Pentecostal Mission Int’l, 11309 Bissonnet Street Houston Texas 77099 USA. The C.E.O of Alpha Digital Studio. An award winning recording company, which has worn so many awards of excellence in quality for Audio Visual Productions.

He is the presenter of ‘Pathfinder’, and “Hour Of Miracle” on TV, a multi-talented musician, a prolific writer and a motivational speaker. He lives in Houston Texas from where he coordinates his crusades to the whole world

My motto remains, to always try to assist and empower others to strive for excellence in achieving their ultimate goals. I am a strong believer in maintaining positive friendships. I strive to live a humble life worthy of emulation and to practice what I preach, and I strive to be good in what I do. 

My philosophy is to make the people I interact with feel significant, confident and connected to whatever I do. I stand committed to not let the pain of life steal my joy and happiness to a fulfilling life. To live for a cause and not for applause. I will live to express and not impress. While it is said that self-praise is no recommendation. It is my opinion that no one knows you better than you know yourself and the only person that you should try to be better than is the person you where yesterday.


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